Posted at 16 October 2019

Interest of protein hydrolysates for pet health and nutrition

PIA Technical Forum 2019 | Wednesday November 6th | 9:55 - 10:40 am


Dietary proteins are key for cats and dogs nutrition. They provide the necessary amino acids for the synthesis of body proteins involved in numerous physiological functions. It is therefore crucial to regularly give pets the right amount of easily digestible and absorbable proteins with a balanced amino acid profile. In particular, it it sometimes necessary to adapt protein supply for pets confronted with specific health issues such as age-related diseases or food allergies.

During her talk, Anne Lepoudère, Health & Nutrition R&D Manager for Diana Pet Food, will discuss the interest of using protein hydrolysates to improve pets health and nutrition. She will show why their protein structure and related functionalities make them ideal candidates to formulate hypoallergenic or senior pet food. 


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