FeelGoodProgram by SPF, innovative and enjoyable sensorial solutions for both owners and pets

Food smells that pets love don’t always appeal to their owners. It can even become unpleasant for owners when pet food is stored in the kitchen or served in close proximity of family members.


of dog owners are very likely to buy food that smells better for their dog.


of cat owners have a strong intention to buy food that smells better for their cat.


of pet owners rate pet food smell as an important criteria for their purchasing decision.

Source: SPF online consumer study - 2015

Is it possible to satisfy both pets’ taste and owners’ sensitive sense of smell?

The unique combination of Diana Pet Food’s deep and multifaceted expertise in pets, and Symrise’s know-how in flavors and consumer science, has enabled SPF to create the FeelGoodProgram. This range of sensorial solutions combines the assets of premium palatability performance and gourmet flavors. The wholesome smells created will enhance the feeding experience of dry and wet pet food, as well as treats, for both pets and their owners.

Talking to pets and their parents!

Pet parenting is a global phenomenon that is here to stay.

“Due to major changes in society, culture, and economy, pets have become full family members in many households and their owners’ relationship with them has evolved into a parenting role. This has created fresh consumer expectations for pet food.” said Chloé Champion, Marketing & Communication Director at Diana Pet Food. There is a world of new possibilities opening up for companies in the pet industry: pet parents want to enjoy a unique experience with their pets.

“Every relationship takes two; pet feeding time is the best moment to share mutual love and tenderness. We think pet parents will welcome foods that meet their pet’s needs, and cater to their human senses.”
continued Chloé.

Discover why a pleasant smell can make your pet food brand unique

FeelGoodProgram, great taste for pets and great smell for owners!

How does the FeelGoodProgram add value to your pet food products?
With a variety of gourmet flavors, the range tastes great for pets and smells appealing to owners, is easy to use and safe!

Uncompromised palatability for pets with great smells for pet owners.

Build consumer trust and establish positive brand image offering your products a smell that is in harmony with your recipes and claims.

Give your pet food a deliciously gourmet smell that will appeal to pet owners.

Ready-to-use high quality standardized solution with all palatability, regulation related and sensory evaluations carried out by SPF.

Jump in the flavorful universe of our range!

Meat sensations Savory, authentic flavors for all meat lovers
Sweet sensationsIrresistible flavors that will please every sweet tooth
Seafood sensationsCulinary fish and seafood notes, fresh from the sea
Dairy sensationsGenerous notes of dairy to brighten your day
Veggie sensationsNotes that showcase the herbs and vegetables’ essences
Mint sensationsFresh notes to reveal the subtle power of mint

Discover a world of opportunities with the FeelGoodProgram

Tailor-made solutions

FeelGood solutions will help you differentiate your dry- or wet- pet food or treat products and support your brand positioning by:

1.  Masking off-notes to smooth the product’s olfactive profile for better human acceptance.

2.  Enhancing the recipe and improving pet owner perception of quality ingredients.

3. Giving your brand a signature smell that is unique and recognizable to pet owners.

The Petscript®

The Petscript® is a universal, unique and innovative sensory language for pet food designed by SPF.

This language links each existing dry and wet pet food odor to a specific descriptor.

The Petscript® will help you describe your product smell, position it on the olfactory competitive landscape and finally define the smell target you want to reach with the FeelGood solution of your choice.

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