Our mission

Diana Pet Food is the global leader and pioneer of high value solutions improving pets’ well-being and owners’ satisfaction.

Many pet owners today consider their pets as members of their own family. The phenomenon of ‘pet parenting’ has gone beyond a passing trend. Pet owners project their own preferences onto their pets, which means that they are becoming more engaged when shopping for pet products. They expect more product choice and quality, as well as enjoyment for their pets.

Diana Pet Food partners with all stakeholders towards improving the quality of life of pets, increasing pet owner satisfaction, and supporting customer brand performance.

Our strategy


Continue with Diana Pet Food's international development


Reinvent palatability from the food manufacturer, to the owner and his pet


Invest in new growth drivers

Our history

Diana Pet Food is a relatively young company that has developed rapidly. Its success is a story of consistent pioneering within the pet food industry. With origins in a French family milling company that diversified into livestock and animal feed in the 1950s (the Guyomarc’h Group), it has emerged at the forefront of the pet food industry through a series of key steps, including these particular highlights:


Production of the first palatability enhancer

from poultry offal in France


Creation of SPF

SPF (Spécialités Pet Food), known as Diana Pet Food, had already existed...


Formation of Panelis, the innovative and pet-friendly measurement center


Formation of Vivae

Initially set up under the name Vit2Be, Vivae provides unique business value and...


Acquisition of DIANA by the Symrise Group

DIANA was taken over by the German industrial group, Symrise - global supplier...

Our expert teams

From fundamental research to market insights to performance measurement: Our global expert teams combine a wide range of skills and expertise.

Five global expert platforms fuel Diana Pet Food’s Research and Innovation across the world, investigating and delivering pet food performance drivers. Regional development and technical support teams utilize their findings to design solutions that meet specific local market requirements.

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