Our sustainability approach

Born from the willingness to valorize local raw materials while being close to customers, Diana Pet Food has, from its origins, included sustainable development in its strategy. 

Today, it extends its commitment not only to people and the environment but also the pets. And in line with Diana and Symrise strategy, Diana Pet Food follows a sustainable agenda based on four pillars: footprint, innovation, sourcing and care. 

This is how Diana Pet Food ensures to all its stakeholders a successful and exciting sustainable journey.

Diana commitments for 2020

Minimizing environmental footprint along the value chain

Climate protection
We commit to reduce our energy consumption by 4% and our CO2 emissions by 5% per year.

Process improvement

We commit to reduce our water consumption by 4% per year.

Resource efficiency
We commit to reduce our waste by 4% per year and to improve waste sorting.

Maximizing positive social and environmental impacts of products and process

Product development process

We assess new products against sustainability criteria.

10% of sales with new products are to be developed under consideration of sustainability criteria.

Maximizing the sustainability of our supply chain and raw materials

Sustainable sourcing
100% of our suppliers commit to the Diana responsible sourcing policy.

One initiative to preserve biodiversity will be taken per region and per year.

Continuously improving safety and wellbeing of people, communities and pets

Employer of choice
Be a model of well-being at work, reflect all diversities and contribute to the development of local communities.

We will reduce the accident frequency rate below MAQ* 2.
* MAQ= Accidents subject to reporting requirements (>1 work day) x 1 million / working hours

Supported by a strong internal network

To bring its commitment alive in every layer of the organization, Diana Pet Food has created an internal network of 20 sustainability ambassadors in charge of deploying our CSR roadmap in the 12 countries where Diana Pet Food is implemented.

Leading by example

Whoever cares about next generation's destiny, and wishes them a better quality of life, needs to be engaged with sustainability.

Change is difficult for many, so we need to inspiring our colleagues to do our bit, and showing them how making small changes in our habits at work and personal life can contribute to sustainable development. I am proud to be part of this to keep our natural habitat safe", says Adel MAHMOUDI, Purchasing Coordinator and sustainability ambassador @Diana Pet Food Australia.

"With regards to our 2020 commitments, let me bring one example from Sourcing Pillar for you. We have qualified new local suppliers for one of our raw materials to break down the mono sourcing, reducing supply transport distance and as a result saving CO2 emissions.“

Making our lives better

“Being a sustainability ambassador at Diana Pet Food matches with my personal choice to apply sustainability in my life and behavior," explains Marcelo Ribeiro, Purchasing Manager @Diana Pet Food Brazil.

"It is a daily challenge to spread out the sustainability mindset not only within our company, but to our business parties as well. The sustainability team is to be resilient and persistent, and I am more than proud to make part of it. We organized an unforgettable “Health and Safety Day” in 2017 to bring more information to employees about how to take care of their health, how it affects their productivity and ways to manage the balance of a healthy happy personal life with satisfaction in their job.”

Being sustainable collectively

“I think it is an important task and goal for all of us to be more sustainable, not only as an employee, as a private person too. Being a sustainability ambassador is a big honor for me. It can be challenging to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability and create a momentum.

The World Car-Free Day, which took place in September 2017, has been a fantastic experience for all of us. I was very happy to see that all employees were extremely motivated. On that day the parking stood completely empty. It has been a big success for our team. I think we have evolved a lot in the past year, and I foresee for more successes coming in 2018",
says smiling,  Zsuzsanna Lukácsiné Köő, Supply Chain Specialist @Diana Pet Food Hungary.

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Opening up people’s mind

"Being a sustainability ambassador came naturally to me, it is about applying your personal ethics to your professional life. My mission is to open up people’s minds on our sustainability 2020 commitments and roadmap.
The best reward is when an action has been completed and you receive positive comments about what has been done or just a big smile,"
says Santiago Vicente, QSE Manager @Diana Pet Food Spain.

"For example in Spain, we put in place this year a sustainability idea box. More than 25 ideas have been collected so far, related to our Corporate Social Responsibility approach based on four pillars: Footprint, Innovation, Sourcing and Care."