Posted at 04 December 2018

Diana Pet Food experts will share valuable insights on sensometrics in pet food @Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium


Revisiting the paired comparisons test

Pangborn | Workshop 05 | 30th July 2019, 11:25 - 13:05 | Tinto Room

Intransitivity, absence of scale, complex data management, difficult statistical analyses, huge number of trials... this is what often come to mind when talking about paired comparisons test. However, when correctly managed, this powerful tool can adress numerous questions sensory scientists have to deal with.  

During the unique workshop organized by Diana Pet Food team members Julien Roguès statistician, and Dr Emira Méhinagic sensometric platform manager, attendees will learn how to get accustomed with the use and analyses of paired comparisons and make the best of them. 

Experts statisticians Philippe Courcoux from Oniris, Sebastien Lê from Agrocampus Ouest, Mathieu le tertre from L'Oréal and Pascal Pachot from Diana Pet Food will present cases studies applied to the fields of cosmetics, acoustic, food and pet-food.  

An interactive presentation by Julien featuring Brad Pitt will also enable attendees to dive into statistical models and experiment live data analyses...


Olfactometry applied to dog: a complementary discrimination test to go further in understanding of food preference drivers

Pangborn - Flash Posters II | 31st Jul 2019, 14:10 - 16:10 |Fintry | FP2_13 - Poster session 1 and refreshments | 29th Jul 2019, 16:10 - 18:00 | Lennox suite |TP1_30

Two-bowl tests are classically used to evaluate food preference in dogs. In particular, first choices measured with this method bring information on food attractiveness related to odor. However, when no difference in 1st choice is observed, it is not possible to tell whether this is due to a similar attractiveness of odors perceived differently by the dogs, or to a lack of olfactory discrimination. 

In her poster, Dr Cécile Pétel, Research Project Manager for Diana Pet Food will show the interest of combining olfactometry with 2 bowls-tests  to study dog food odor discrimination and preferences and interpret palatability results more precisely. 


Discrimination of dog palatant solutions using human olfactory receptors platform

Pangborn |Poster session 2 and refreshments | 31st Jul 2019, 16:10 - 18:00 | Lennox suite |P2_110

A strong relationship has been observed between food choice and the sense of olfaction in dogs. Some aroma analysis methodologies can detect most of the volatile compounds present in a pet food. However, they do not allow to determine which are the molecules actually perceived by the dog and how they impact their preferences. 

Dr Marion Guilloux, Dog palatability Research Project Manager at Diana Pet Food, will present a poster showing how the use of human olfactory receptors as sensors can help characterize and discriminate dog palatants.


Segmentation of pet owners in terms of response to pet food odors, and link with emotional experience

Pangborn |Poster session 2 and refreshments | 31st Jul 2019, 16:10 - 18:00 | Lennox suite |P2_007 

Pets feeding time is one of the most important bonding moments between an owner and his pet. As the human sense of smell is closely connected to emotions and memories, the odor of pet food plays a crucial role in the owner experience of his pet meal. 

Dr Perrine Delime, Research project manager at Diana Pet Food will present the results of a cross-cultural research on pet owners’ individual differences in hedonic and emotional response to pet food odor.