Posted at 19 August 2021

Development and optimization of methods to quantify lipid oxidation in complex fish matrices

EuroFedLipid | October 19th 2021 | 16:50 - 17:10


Several raw materials and ingredients are available to formulate quality pet foods. Fish based products such as fish hydrolysates are for instance widely used for their nutritional value. Rich in long chain omega-3 fatty acids, they are known to bring numerous health benefits to pets.

However, these complex matrices are highly sensitive to oxidation. Oxidized lipids can loose their properties, release unexpected flavor compounds and potentially generate toxic reaction products. Evaluating oxidation level is thus essential to select the most suitable anti-oxidation strategy that preserve products sensory and nutritional values.

During her talk, Dr Cloé Oroy, R&D Project Manager for Vivae, will present a new accurate, repeatable and rapid protocol to evaluate oxidation in complex fish based products. She will explain how adapting and combining several methods such as the ferrous oxidation-xylenol orange (FOX2) assay allows to accurately quantify the various undesirable compounds produced over time during the oxidation cascade reactions.

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