Posted at 08 June 2021

Combining liquid and powder palatants, the solution to maximize dry cat food palatability 

Nordic Pet Food | November 10th 2021 | 14:00 – 14:35


Palatable, attractive, delightful … No matter the word you pick to describe the perfect cat food, what really counts for pet parents is this: will Kitty eat it?

Undeniably, it’s no secret that cats are highly finicky creatures. So if you want to make sure they will feast on your kibbles, you have no choice but to use palatants. Then what is the best option? Liquid? Powder? Both?

Laure Boutigny, SPF Marketing manager, will present studies that highlight the interest for a pet food manufacturer to combine two technologies of palatants. Indeed, applying both liquid and powder on cat kibbles allow to reach the best palatability performance, please a larger population on cats and thus satisfy their parents.