Posted at 20 July 2020

Can non-meat palatants satisfy pets’ taste buds?
Researching alternative proteins to meet industry challenges.

Nordic Pet Food | September 30th 2020 | 10:50-11:25 am


Petfood manufacturers need to solve a complex equation when choosing the ingredients that will make their products: animal protein availability is limited, regulatory is in constant evolution and customs and sanitary bans make things always more difficult.  

In a virtual conference hold during Nordic Pet food event, Jean-Baptiste Jentzer, Cat food palatability R&D Project Manager for Diana Pet Food, will demonstrate that a deep expertise in cats and dogs sensory drivers, bioprocess and raw materials enable to create new generations of palatants free of animal protein.  

Sustainable, performing, easy to use, non-meat palatants could help pet food manufacturers satisfy pets while facing the challenges of a growing planet.

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