Posted at 06 July 2021

On August 26th Diana Pet Food will be part of All Pet Food Day 2021. The event offers Pet Food industry professionals the opportunity to get the latest nutrition and process updates from experts from leading companies. Emilie and Juliana, two of our experts will share their knowledge about palatability and measurement.


What is palatability

All Pet Food Day | August 26th | 10:00 | Spanish | Emilie Tarbagayre - LATAM Technical Support and Development Manager For Diana Pet Food

How can I make sure that pets will eat my product?

This is a major question when creating a pet food. Indeed, food attractiveness and enjoyment are at the heart of recipe development.

During her talk, Emilie will explain what palatability means, how it works and why it is strategic for pet food manufacturers.

She will present how the characteristics of a food interact with cat and dog anatomy, sensory equipment and feeding behavior, leading to a specific palatability level. A focus will be finally made on the essential role of palatants in a pet food palatability performance. Emilie will explain what palatants are made of, how they are applied in the different types of pet food and why their use is essential to create products that pets will love!


Pet food performance measurement: Panelis methods for today and tomorrow

All Pet Food Day | August 26th | 15:00 | Portuguese | Juliana Werneck - Regional Manager of Panelis 

 Pet parenting and humanization trends have been changing the definition of pet food performance, adding new emotional dimensions to the concept of palatability. This evolution needs to be supported by measurement methods taking into account pets behaviors and emotions induced by food, as well as owners’ perception of such answers.

During her talk, Juliana will present the innovative protocols developed at Panelis* to measure pet food performance in all its dimensions.

She will show that the combined use of expert and in home panels allow to fully assess both the sensorial and emotional aspects that participate in the pet feeding behavior while predicting pet parents satisfaction.


*Diana Pet Food expert center in palatability measurement


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