Posted at 08 June 2021

Protein hydrolysates in pet health and nutrition

CBNA Pet CONGRESSO | September 21st 2021 | BLOCO NUTRIÇÃO | 11:00 – 11:45


Proteins are essential for pets health and nutrition. They provide the amino acids necessary for the synthesis of body proteins involved in organ and tissue formation. They also play a major role in immune system, molecular transport or inter-organ signaling.

Morover, protein nutrition may be even more important due to specific animal physiological conditions such as aging or deteriorated health status. 

It is therefore crucial to provide dogs and cats with easily digestible protein with well-balanced amino acids profile.


Anne Lepoudère, Health & Nutrition R&D Manager for Diana Pet Food, will highlight the nutritional and health benefits brought by protein hydrolysates. She will particularly demonstrate the interest of using low molecular weight hydrolysates in the formulation of hypoallergenic diets. Finally, Anne will show that advanced and controlled hydrolysis allow generating bioactive peptides with valuable health functionalities such as anti stress or regulation of energy intake. 

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