Posted at 06 November 2017

Diana Pet Food teams challenged themselves, all over the world, to give up their cars for a day and reduce their carbon footprint with a smile.


At Diana Pet Food, we don’t lack creativity when it comes to experiencing alternative transports: some commuted to work by public transportation (metro, bus, tramways etc.), by bike, walking, car sharing and even horse-riding. Imagine the surprise of the teams when they met “Kathare”, “Viva” and “Cisco” grazing on the front lawn of the French offices!


This initiative was a good opportunity to raise awareness internally on our FISC approach, to highlight the impact of commuting on global warming, and ultimately to promote alternative transport solutions. We can all be ambassadors of change both on a personal and professional scale while having a good time with our colleagues!” explains Anne-Eva Poirier, CSR Manager.


The results


The car-free day initiative in Argentina was really cool and gratifying! It wasn't possible to use bicycles because our location is far away from town, but carpooling was great to make a positive impact! We reduced 51% the amount of cars used and therefore, -23% kilometres travelled” Mercedes Cura, marketing Analyst, Argentina.

We usually have 20 to 22 cars on our parking lot. On the car-free day it was completely empty. Most of us walked to the office, we used only one car and one bicycle for the whole team.” Sergey Kalashnikov, Technical director, Russia.

Our Canadian parking lot looked pretty empty that day! Carpooling was a solution to reduce the numbers of cars, we travelled 600 km less.” Michael Peralta, QHSE coordinator, Canada.


This is just the beginning!

  • In France, a team of bike-riders will commute to work once a month; weather permitting (Brittany IS a rather rainy region in France)!
  • In Brazil, most of the employees already commute to work in a Diana Pet Food van.
  • And in Argentina, carpooling is often used since the plant is a bit far from the city.

We are eagerly anticipating to participate to more world days on sustainability topics. Stay tuned!

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