Posted at 08 July 2019

Digestive troubles are ones of the most common pet health issues reported by pet parents. Owners are thus actively looking for solutions to limit this problem and ensure the well-being of their companion animals

An efficient strategy is to act preventively and avoid troubles by using ingredients that prepare the digestive tract to face challenges. Pet food supplementation with high quality parietal fractions from baker yeasts is an efficient way to ensure the management of pet digestive health. By constituting a natural shield for the gut, active compounds from yeast parietal fractions can improve dog resistance against intestinal upset.


What you will learn from this informative webinar:

  •  Digestive health relies on several pillars including high gut wall integrity, efficient local immune defenses and a balanced microbiota with controlled pathogen population.
  •  Mannans and beta-glucans present in high amount in yeast cell walls can reduce pathogen pressure and improve natural defences in gut.
  •  Selected concentrated and standardized yeast parietal fractions added in pet food can have a protective effect and help dog gut resist to environmental challenges