Odalia develops unique, innovative scent & care solutions,
for pets and their owners to live in perfect harmony.

Pets are now part of the family. Owners increasingly share their living space with their furry companions. Keeping them healthy and clean is important for most pet parents, who wish to live with their pets in a pleasant environment.

Living in perfect harmony

Creating pleasant environment


A unique offer for the pet care market

The unique combination of Diana Pet Food’s deep and multifaceted expertise in pets, and Symrise’s know-how in fragrances and consumer science, enables Odalia to create innovative and unique scent & care solutions for pet care products.

A growing range

Odalia already offers an innovative line of fragrances and odor management solutions for cat litters. The range will progressively expand to health, body and oral care, with solutions for shampoos, pet grooming, and breath-freshening products.

Targeted to pet parents

Odalia’s solutions are designed to please pet owners. Consumer science specialists regularly conduct market surveys to identify pet parents’ needs toward pet care products. Inspired by consumers expectations, scientists and perfumers from Diana Pet Food and Symrise’s work with human panels to develop fragrances that are known to appeal to pet parents.

Inspired by pets

Odalia relies on Diana Pet Food's strong knowledge in measurement of pet behaviors and preferences to build its expertise. Teams of ethologists and statisticians are working daily with cats and dogs to develop innovative methods and evaluate what they like or not.

C’Scent line: Improving the smell and attractiveness of cat litter

Ensuring that their cat will use the litter box, and that the litter will stay fresh-smelling over time is what really matters to cat owners. Odalia’s expert scientists have been working on a holistic approach to cat litter odor management that takes owner expectations, cat behavior and products characteristics into account.

A wide odor palette for all litters

C’SCENT collection offers a wide variety of odors adapted to all types of cat litters such as crystal, clay, scoopable, non-scoopable, natural and regular litters. It improves the smell and attractiveness of litters, thus creating a more pleasant environment for cats and their parents.

C’SCENT line is available worldwide thanks to four production sites located in Brazil, Germany, Singapore and USA. It can also be tailored upon customer demand.

Powered by Neofresh®

Neofresh® technology enables the production of tailor-made perfume oils to overcome specific environmental, base- or body-related malodors. Odalia’s team has included this technology in its C’SCENT line by combining molecules that neutralize unpleasant odors from feces and urine with selected scents that improve litter odor for pet owners.