Posted at 23 October 2018

Pets are today considered as treasured family members sharing their owners’ home and lifestyle. However, their
environment may be stressful for them. If stress is a normal physiological reaction that prepares an individual to face threats or unexpected changes, it might become damaging for health when it is chronic. Moreover, cats and dogs facing situations they perceive as challenging may develop several behaviors such as indiscipline or even aggression. These behavioral changes will be considered as inappropriate by their owners and thus alter their relationship.
Pet parents want to preserve the health and well being of their companion animals. When they notice significant behavioral changes or decreased health status, they actively try to find adapted solutions to help their pets. Choosing diets targeted to physiological needs and life style is a first step to reach this target. Several products exist on the market to alleviate effects of stress and reduce the risk of inappropriate or aggressive pet behaviors.


Authors: Anne Lepoudère, Health & Nutrition Research Manager, & Hervé Irdel, Vivae Director @Diana Pet Food


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