Publicado en 11 mayo 2021

Eco-design, a sustainable driver boosting innovation & value creation 2021 | June 1st 2021 14:00 – 14:20 & in replay on Diana Pet Food booth at Interzoo


Like all consumers, pet owners are increasingly concerned about the sustainability of the food they buy for their animal. They particularly expect pet food companies to control the impact of their products on the environment.  


At 2021, Aurélie De Ratuld, CSR Manager at Diana Pet Food, will present how pet food solution providers can support manufacturers in creating sustainable value through eco-conception.


Next to building a strong industrial network and setting high sustainability standards on processes & facilities, Diana Pet Food uses the eco-design approach, which enables value creation along the whole value chain. 

This approach combines the “Product Life Cycle Assessment” method and a unique tool - the “eco-design matrix" - to formulate products with a lower environmental impact.


Inspired by a methodology assessing the environmental footprint impact in pet food, it is developed for palatants but is easily transferrable to pet food. Eco-design offers pet food manufacturers multiple opportunities to drive innovation, tackle major environmental pledges like climate change and answer consumers’ expectations for more transparent and sustainable products.