Publicado en 18 junio 2021

Diana Pet Food will be happy to reconnect with you at Pet Food Forum 2021, on September 22nd-24th, in Kansas City (MO), United States. 


Meet our team on booth #234! 


Make some space in your agenda to attend the lecture of our CSR Director, Aurélie de Ratuld:

Life Cycle Assessment and Eco-design, the ultimate tools to sustainably innovate and address environmental challenges of the pet food industry

September 23rd | 3:10-4:15 p.m. | Sustainability in pet food concurrent sessions | Room 2502


During this session, Aurélie introduces a new approach for developing sustainable pet food products that takes into account their environmental performance through tools such as the Life Cycle Assessment and Eco-Design Matrix. Pet food manufacturers wishing to address sustainability must now consider their products in the whole value chain, from the extraction of raw materials through to processing, transportation, usage and up to end-of-life of the packaging. Life Cycle Assessment identifies the environmental critical points of a product, while the Eco-Design Matrix assesses and improves the environmental performances of products focusing on sourcing.