Devour-ables by SPF: a delicious range of palatants for treats!

Devour-ables are specially created to support pet food manufacturers in creating enjoyable treats to reinforce the bond between pets and their owners through moments of closeness.

Pet owners are looking for new ways to stimulate, reward and bond with their pets. So, what is better than a treat to express their love and gratitude to their dearest companions?

Whether a functional, rewarding or occupational treat, SPF Devour-ables range takes palatability to its upmost level to ensure the highest treats acceptability and to maximize pets’ pleasure.

Find out Devour-ables irresistible range!

Devour-ables offers pet food manufacturers the highest palatants for irresistibly delicious treats!

The extruded range: irresistibly delicious!

Cats and dogs can't resist SPF’s original recipe dedicated to extruded treats, because only the finest ingredients have been selected to enhance their appetite. The high doses of volatile compounds will intrigue their complex palates reaching the highest levels of acceptability. D’vour Extruded fluid liquids and micro-granulated powders will perfectly complement delicious stick, crunch and pillow treats. And for pets’ greater satisfaction, D’vour Extruded proposes two flavors: pork and poultry.

The semi-moist range with only the best ingredients!

D’Vour Semi-Moist delivers a mouth-watering experience for every cat and dog. The fresh poultry seasoned powders are paired with delicious chews, softies, strips and other semi-moist treats to make them irresistible. Tasted and approved by Panelis’ pets’ experts, SPF’ Semi-Moist preparations will seduce all four-legged gourmets!

The baked range: Grandma's old recipe!

Formulated with the most succulent quality ingredients, D’Vour Baked got its inspiration from ancestral recipe books! From its powders, rich in authentic flavors and savory aromatic compounds, our little companions will discover how oven-baked biscuits can preserve all their natural aromas. Not only will pets give in to this non-meat recipe, but it will help them feel happy and healthy. With D’Vour Baked, SPF continues to build on the tradition of today’s baking!

Let's play all day together!

What if D’Vour IMB meant that your dog gets to play all day? The exclusively designed IMB powder combines technologies that will stimulate every dogs’ cravings. Among the finest class of ingredients, poultry marinated aromatic compounds will make dogs go crazy about their treats.

Savory and Shiny

Did you say savory and elegant? D’Vour Shine liquids will not only increase the appreciation of treats’ taste but also of their flavors and cosmetic appeals. D’Vour Shine’s premium sheen and high performance will undeniably fascinate cats' and dogs' sophisticated and refined palates. SPF has found the unique solution to satisfy the whole family.

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