Vivae Phenomind: a natural solution to limit the effects of aging on dogs and maintain the bond between pets and owners.

Pets’ life span has been continuously increasing over the past years. Advanced age in dogs is frequently associated with memory loss and decline of physical vitality. As their loyal friends age, dog owners sadly witness they are less dynamic, less prompted to play, more sensitive to their environment … And with time, interactions between dogs and their parents deteriorates thus eroding their connection.

To maintain the bond and strengthen the relationship, Vivae has developed Phenomind, a solution made from scientifically proven ingredients that enhance dog living conditions.

It all started with polyphenols

Polyphenols are natural antioxidants present in fruits and vegetables such as grape and artichoke. Studies have highlighted the correlation between the consumption of polyphenols and preventing cognitive decline, Vivae decided to further investigate this finding for pets.

“We demonstrated the benefits of synergistic polyphenol supplementation in the prevention of dog cognitive decline*. It is the cornerstone of the development of Phenomind”, explains Anne Lepoudère, Vivae R&D manager @Diana Pet Food.

This new solution mixing grapes and wild blueberry extracts is naturally riched in polyphenols. “It provides a strong synergistic effect improving one of the main cognitive ability that declines with age: memory.”

*Neurophenols Consortium -

Discover how natural polyphenols can counteract age related effects in dogs

A new opportunity for pet food manufacturers

Phenomind maintains the brain function performance through ageing, thus preserving longer the relationship between dogs and owners. With Phenomind, pet food manufacturers can develop innovative dog products with a unique positioning designed to meet the needs of today pet-parents.

Improved anti-oxidant status

Better brain function performance

Improved memory performance

Made from natural active components

It really works!

Phenomind has scientifically proven its performance. To evaluate the efficacy of Phenomind on dogs’ cognitive abilities, Vivae carried out a test measuring the ability of 35 aged dogs to memorize the position of anovel object, called DNMP (Delayed Non Matching Position) test. The protocol was composed of 1 placebo and 1 dose of Phenomind included in the kibble.

Evaluation of the learning abilities showed that dogs fed with Phenomind during 8 weeks displayed a significantly greater cognitive capacity improvement than those which did not receive any supplementation.

Discover how the DNMP test works

Blueberry and grape: all natural!

A Vivae customer survey showed that 73% of pet owners are willing to buy a product for their dog containing these natural extracts. 

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Moreover, Phenomind natural production process guarantees the preservation of ingredients properties and thus the quality of the solution.


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