Posted at 07 June 2018

Diana Pet Food experts will share valuable insights on sensometrics in pet food at Eurosense

Enjoying The Pet Feeding Experience: How Culture Influence Pet Owners Perception Of The Smell Of Kibbles
Eurosense | September 2nd-5th 2018

During their joint conference at Eurosense, Perrine Delime, R&D project manager at Diana Pet Food, and Dr Kadri Koppel, assistant professor at Kansas State University, will present the outcomes of a pioneer study that investigated the link between pet food smell and pet owners’ emotional response.This research demonstrates for the first time that pet food smell impacts pet owners’ emotions, and that culture can modify pet owners perception of pet food smell.

How to improve analyses and highlights of graded paired comparisons tests
Eurosense | September 2nd-5th 2018

Paired comparisons are increasingly used in the measurement of the palatability of pet food, where two-bowls paired comparison is considered as the golden standard to assess the preferences of cats and dogs. The Bradley-Terry-Luce model is the most common method used to analyze paired comparison data. However, this method does not take into account the intensity of the difference between the products presented and it assumes that all the subjects have the same preferences. During Eurosense poster session, Julien Roguès, statistician at Diana Pet Food, will introduce an advanced method based on the Bradley-Terry-Luce model, developed to integrate the intensity and the segmentation of subject’s preferences in the analysis of paired comparison data.

Current and innovative methods for assessing pet food preferences with cats and dogs
Eurosense | September 2nd-5th 2018

If classical techniques to measure cats and dogs preferences are based on the analysis of feed intake, numerous new criteria have been recently studied to sharpen the evaluation of pet food palatability. From feed intake to body language, the second poster presented at Eurosense by Julien Roguès will review the different approaches and methods available to assess pet preferences, either with expert or in-home panels.

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