Posted at 18 May 2018


How do you uncover the drivers for flavor preference when you can't ask why? Using behavioral analysis methods to determine cats and dogs’ food preferences

Nordic Pet Food Seminar |Tuesday 2nd October 2018 | 14:05 – 14:40


The biggest challenge with pet food palatability assessment is to make cats and dogs verbalize their meal experience and express their liking and preferences to different diets. In classical pet food palatability tests, preference evaluation is mainly based on the measurement and analysis of the feed intake. To enrich the classical palatability measurements, new methods and criteria have been developed focusing on selected animal behaviors expressed before, during and after the meal, and proven to reflect in an innovative way pet foods’ palatability performance. 


Dr Emira Mehinagic, R&D Sensometric platform manager at Diana Pet Food, will present different behavioral approaches to assess pet food palatability, either with expert panels or naive individuals and their owners (in-home panels). She will highlight how  these measurement methods can be combined to finally deliver an exhaustive evaluation of pet foods’ overall palatability and performance. 


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