Posted at 11 July 2018

Safety first: handy tips to design safe pet food

PFF China | August 21st,  15:30

Pet food safety is at the top of the list of pet food manufacturer’s concerns. Indeed, pet parents are increasingly asking for safety, transparency, trust and ethics. They want to buy high quality products that satisfy their beloved animals while respecting their health. Moreover, due to its high likelihood of direct contact with pet owners, pet food products should not only be safe for the pet but also for humans.
In average, 1 ton of palatant represents 100,000 pet meals. Like any pet food industry players, palatants manufacturers thus have the responsibility to put on the global pet food market products that ensure health and wellbeing of pets and their families.

From the selection of raw material and ingredients to the manufacturing process, all the steps of pet food products creation must be conducted in order to respect pet food local and global regulation and to avoid risks of microbiological contamination.

During her lecture, Grace Wang  QHSE manager @Diana Pet food China,  will present efficient tools, methods and good manufacturing practices to ensure a maximum level of safety for pet food products.

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