Posted at 14 June 2018

Using the paramagnetic signal to characterize dry cat food physical properties

MR Food | September 19th 2018 - 16:30

Cat kibbles are roughly composed of a core extruded matrix coated with fat and palatants in liquid or powder form. These ingredients, that bring sensorial elements to the kibbles, also modify the matrix physical properties. Studying the interactions that occur at the surface of the kibble is thus of particular importance to have a deeper understanding of mechanisms that drive palatability.

During MR Food oral sessions, Dr Matthieu Crémont, cat palatability research project manager at Diana Pet Food, will present how paramagnetic signal can bring new information on cat kibbles physical properties and palatability. He will demonstrate how non destructive methods such as low-field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and 2D - Magnetic Resonance Imaging can be successfully used to study the interactions between the ingredients applied in top coating on a cat kibble and the kibble matrix.

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