Posted at 18 May 2018

Food palatability: can it influence dog's arousal and positive behaviors related to the enjoyment?

Canine Science Forum | July 4th 13:30

Seeing a pet enjoy a meal is one of the special pleasures of pet ownership. Indeed, feeding events elicit positive affective states in pets that might be perceived by owners. 

An innovative study was conducted by Diana Pet food to check if different foods could provoke distinct arousal levels in dogs, and if these differences could be assessed through the measurement of dog physiological responses and the identification by the pet owners of specific behaviors.

During the Canine Science Forum's poster sessions, Dr Franck Peron, ethologist @Diana Pet Food, will demonstrate that different food qualities can elicit different arousal levels in dogs, measurable through physiological indicators such as cardiac parameters and pet owners observation.

Indeed these latter are able to detect behavioral variations displayed by their dogs when facing different foods, influencing their own satisfaction and propensity to offer the same product again.

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