Posted at 01 February 2018

Kansas City, USA

Discover new insights on pet food palatability and pet food protection during Petfood Forum USA, from April 23th to 25th, 2018 at Kansas City, Missouri.


Can non-meat palatants satisfy pets’ taste buds? Researching alternative proteins to meet industry challenges.

On April 24th - 3 pm, Dr Aurélie de Ratuld, R&D cat palatability platform manager at Diana Pet Food, will explain how the pet food industry can continue to satisfy the carnivorous nature of pets while facing the rising issue of animal protein availability. She will demonstrate that a combined expertise in cats and dogs sensory drivers, biochemistry and raw material process allows developping efficient palatants from sustainable vegetable sources, helping pet food manufacturers face the challenges of a growing planet.


Managing oxidative stability in freeze-dried pet foods and novel animal proteins

On April 24th - 3:30 pm, Dr Poulson Joseph, principal scientist and leader of the meat, poultry and pet food team for Videka, will share lipid oxidation research advances and the pathways by which natural antioxidants mitigate shelf-life quality problems. The presentation will address, application-specific challenges, with respect to irradiation and freeze drying, on the quality of the final ‘fresh’ pet food. 


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