Posted at 19 September 2018

Diana Pet Food experts will share valuable insights on pet food palatability and performance measurement at EFFoST international conference 2018, in Nantes - France.

Moisture impact on dog kibble parameters and dog's sensory perception (EFFO2018_0291)

EFFoST | November 6th 2018 - 11:00-13:30 - Mezzanine and R2

In the pet food industry, it is widely known that moistest kibbles are more palatant for dogs. What is the reason? Which parameters are modified with kibble’s water content? 

Cécile Petel, Dog Research Project Manager for Diana Pet food, will base on her poster to respond these questions and explain how water content impacts the textural properties and volatile profiles of dog kibbles.


Current and innovative methods for assessing pet food preferences with cats and dogs (EFFO2018_0035)

EFFoST | November 6th 2018 - 11:00-13:30 - Mezzanine and R2

If classical techniques to measure cats and dogs preferences are based on the analysis of feed intake, numerous new criteria have been recently studied to sharpen the evaluation of pet food palatability.

From feed intake to body language, the poster presented by Emira Mehinagic, R&D Sensometric Platform Manager at Diana Pet Food, will review the different approaches and methods available to assess pet preferences, either with expert or in-home panels.


Innovative multi-method approach for the physical and sensorial characterization of extruded cat food (EFFO2018_0218)

EFFoST | November 6th 2018 - 11:00-13:30 - Mezzanine and R2

Cats are known to be finicky eaters. Understanding how they perceive the gustative, aromatic and textural properties of a food at each step of the meal is thus crucial to conceive products they will like. 

With his poster, Mathieu Crémont, R&D Project Manager for Diana Pet Food Cat Platform, will present several innovative and dynamic characterization methods that allow studying the sensory behavior of kibbles at each stage of cat meal.


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