Posted at 01 February 2018

Bangkok, Thailand

Creating value with alternative protein sourcing while ensuring palatable pet foods.

 Dr Aurélie de Ratuld - R&D cat palatability platform manager @Diana Pet Food


Petfood manufacturers need to solve a complex equation when choosing the ingredients that will make their products: animal protein availability is limited, regulatory is in constant evolution and customs and sanitary bans make things always more difficult.  

Thanks to a combined expertise in cats and dogs sensory drivers, biochemistry and raw material process, Diana Pet Food has managed to create a new generation of palatants free of animal protein. After having identified the olfactive and gustative molecules palatable to cats and dogs, experts in palatability were able to produce them from alternative vegetable sources such as algae.

Easy to use, easy to export, easy to claim, non-meat palatants could help pet food manufacturers satisfy pets while overcome animal protein availability, food safety and regulatory issues…all at once!

Come and attend Aurélie's lecture at Petfood Forum Asia, Bangkok - Thailand, on March 28th 2018, at 11.15 am


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