Posted at 09 October 2018

Improving pet food smell to increase brand loyalty
Webinar | October 18th, 8 am Central Time (Chicago) - 3 pm CEST (Paris).

Seeing a pet enjoy a meal is one of the special pleasures of pet ownership. But unpleasant odors can reduce the owner’s appreciation of the pet’s meal experience. For pet food manufacturers, improving the smell of pet food can be an efficient way to upgrade the pet owner meal experience, build consumer trust and establish a positive brand image. 

During an exclusive webinar, Diana Pet Food's experts Perrine Delime, Research Project Manager and Chloé Champion, Marketing and Communication director, will present the strategies to design a pet food with a smell that is in harmony with a brand’s story.

Want to know how pet food’s smell impacts pet parents’ emotions and purchasing habits ?

Want to describe the odor of your product and position it in a market olfactory landscape ?

Discover how to design a pet food that seduces pet owners' nose