Posted at 15 May 2019

In vitro and in vivo evidence of marine hydrolysate impact on energy homeostasis and food intake regulation

International  symposium on Bioactive Peptides  2019  | May 24th | 9:45 – 10:00 


Over  the last  decades, modifications in lifestyles have induced a worldwide increase of obesity in both human and pet populations, leading to chronic pathologies such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. There is thus a need to find innovative solutions for the prevention or treatment of this major health concern. 


Sandy Theysgeur, Health & Nutrition Research Scientist for Diana Pet Food, will demonstrate that marine based ingredients may represent a promising source of natural bioactives molecules to fight obesity. She will present the results of an in-vitro study evidencing how a fish byproduct hydrolysate can modulate the secretion of gut hormones involved in food intake regulation and glucose metabolism.


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