Posted at 21 March 2018

The opportunity to learn more about water stakes worldwide.

Did you know ?

With these data in mind, it is no surprise to see that clean water and sanitation is one of the 17 developments sustainable goals adopted by the United Nations to transform our world (click here for more information).

The World Water Day
is celebrated  every year. It is the opportunity to raise everyone awareness on water stakes worldwide and to take some time to realize how we all have a role to play in water preversation.

The industry weights heavily on water consumption and it is crucial for us at Diana Pet Food to make sure we reduce our water consumption.
Minimizing the environmental footprint along the value chain is one of the pillars of the Diana and Symrise sustainability commitments to 2020 (click here to read more about our sustainable agenda).
The group committed to reduce by 4 % the water consumption per production unit per year between 2016 and 2020. Besides we started to assess the water footprint of our products over their life cycle. Through this we identified that more than 80% of the water use comes at the ingredients stage, so the choice of ingredients matters!

This goes with a lot of education on water uses throughout all of our production process. Our teams worldwide are step-by-step putting in place monitoring systems that help them analyse and optimize their water consumption.

It is vital especially in countries like South Africa, where there is a huge water scarcity.
Our team locally conducted an important water awareness campaign with the help of experts to identify how to make step changes in equipments and processes to preserve water.
Among their actions, they for instance installed  a Jo-Jo tank  to collect rain water and to recycle blow down water for re-use. They also set up a bore hole water with purification with the target to reduce by 50%  their use of municipal water from surface dams.
This should result by end of 2018 in a 10% decrease of their water consumption and 4% decrease of they water waste.

Even though water stakes worldwide are very different from one region to another, these local actions are best practices shared and valued among our sites and are setting up the bases for our future productions sites.

We all have a role to play in our water preservation. Calculate now your water footprint here and take the opportunity of the World Water Day to figure out how you could save water in your daily routine!