Posted at 05 June 2018

The smell of a pet food highly contributes to its acceptance by the pet owner. However, only a few research studies have used human sensory analysis to describe it. 

For Diana Pet Food experts in palatability, the purpose of this study was to characterize the smell of different wet cat foods available on the European market using Petscript®, a sensory language specifically developed for this type of product.

Results demonstrated that Petscript® can successfully be used to build the olfactory space for wet cat food and to differentiate products based on their odor profiles. With this unique tool, pet food manufacturers can position their products in the landscape to reach specific odour target or to differentiate from the other products on the market.

Authors: J Roguès, P Delime, L Paih, C Champion, A De Ratuld @Diana Pet Food, Elven, France & U Schaefer, K Tiitinen @Symrise, Holzminden, Germany

Results presented at Weurman 2017, Pangborn 2017, Eurosense 2016

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