Posted at 01 June 2018

In order to guide their developments and ensure successful launches, pet food manufacturers need a reliable evaluation of their products’ performance. Palatability assessment tests are classically run in pet centers with expert and semi-expert panels or in an in-home environment with owner’s pets. In this study Diana Pet Food's experts in palatability measurement evaluated the consistency of answers obtained when testing the same cat foods in these three types of panels with 2-bowls methodology.

Results demonstrated that palatability answers can be highly variable depending on the type of panel used. Answers obtained in expert panels are usually more accurate, especially when small differences between products are compared. This variation can be due to the lack of environment control in in-home conditions but also to panel feeding history.

Authors: L Le Paih, C Forges-Larose, C Tobie, E Mehinagic @Diana Pet Food, Elven, France

Results presented at Sensometrics 2016 - Pet Food Forum US 2016 - Pangborn 2015

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